Posted July 20, 2010 by Simon in News

Survey highlights ‘time wasting’ activities

A recent survey by online insurer swiftcover.com, has highlighted some interesting trends with what people believe are activities that are  ‘time wasting’ in our daily life.  Although the research covers only a small group of people(1100), it identifies that seven out of ten people are now doing their banking and setting up their insurance online to remove the hassle of filling out paperwork and forms.

This was one of a few popular time saving measures that were mentioned, with others including;

  • doing shopping online (42{a7f143556510d926cb072b695f3ed49f89b7d13a9d4c359f2399f0d9de0c1da1} )
  • getting help with cleaning (29{a7f143556510d926cb072b695f3ed49f89b7d13a9d4c359f2399f0d9de0c1da1}) and ironing (19{a7f143556510d926cb072b695f3ed49f89b7d13a9d4c359f2399f0d9de0c1da1})
  • and eating more microwave meals! (11{a7f143556510d926cb072b695f3ed49f89b7d13a9d4c359f2399f0d9de0c1da1})

Tina Shortle, marketing director for swiftcover.com, said:

“We live in a fast-paced world where we want things to happen immediately and demand instant gratification, which is why the growth of online retailing has been so quick – the internet is fast, simple and convenient, letting us decide what we want to buy and when we want to buy it.

But because our lives are so busy, this means our downtime is even more precious”