Posted September 21, 2010 by Simon in News

Sign in process finally changes for Halifax online banking users

Halifax first announced changes to their log-in process back in late April this year, with a follow-up in June to remind customers of the  upcoming change.

It seems that these security enhancements are finally being implemented, as we’ve heard from numerous users that they’ve been receiving mailshots advising of what is happening, and that they are being forced to change their memorable information when the access their online accounts.

We believe that this is a good step for Halifax in updating their security for their online banking site, and adds an extra layer of protection for you and the bank.  This is especially noticeable through the use of randomly requested letters from your memorable information – which makes it harder for someone you may happen to see something over your shoulder.   Also selecting the letters via a drop-down rather than typing, reduces the risk from key logging software.

We logged on tonight to give you a heads up of what to expect and to show its an easy 3 step process to complete.

After logging in to the online banking service as usual, you are then presented with the following screen, which tells you of the change and that you have the choice of either changing your memorable information, or deferring it once, before being forced to change it the following log-on.  We’d recommend doing it straight away to get it over and done with!

If you decide to change your memorable information, you’ll then be taken to another screen where you need to enter your memorable information.  No doubt you already have numerous passwords for other services, but ensure you choose something unique and more importantly something you can remember!

It doesn’t have to be just one word, and could be a short phrase or a combination of dates/numbers.  However, as with most password services these days,  you will need at least one number as part of the information.

For the online system to check that you entered the information correctly, you’ll need to enter it a second time and then press continue.  Finally you get confirmation that it’s all been setup, and then you just need to remember that you’ll get a new prompt next time you log-in.

Next time you login:

For further information, visit the Halifax site here : http://www.halifax.co.uk/newsecurity