Posted November 30, 2011 by Simon in News

New Mobile Text Service Launched by Santander


ollowing a successful trial period, Santander have launched a brand new service for all of their online banking customers, and allows users to receive  variety of text alerts for their current and savings accounts.  Whilst this type of service is already well established and utilised within the banking community, it still continues to provide a simple yet effective reminder the status of your accounts.

These updates by Santander allow you to configure what type of alerts you receive so that they have more meaning than just generic “you are overdrawn” type messages.

  • Large deposit/ high value credit e.g. when you are paid
  • Low balance alert e.g. when you are approaching a pre-selected balance
  • High value debits e.g. mortgage payments
  • High balance e.g. when your balance goes over a pre-selected amount

Matthew Timms, eCommerce director at Santander, said:

“We are constantly looking to help customers better manage their finances, our new text alerts service will give customers more control over their banking and finances.  Customer research highlights that this ultimately improves their satisfaction with our service.  Santander is working hard to improve customer service across the board and our new text alerts service is a further demonstration of our commitment to do better.”

In addition to this, Santander have also updated their Online Banking Guarantee*.  This states that in the unlikely event that a customer has funds removed from their account without their permission, then Santander will pay back any loss incurred from fraud, up to the value of the amount fraudulently taken.


*Online Banking Guarantee:

“Be assured that your money is safe when you bank online (or using your mobile phone), thanks to our Online Banking Guarantee. In the unlikely event funds are taken from your account without permission, we will pay back any loss incurred from fraud, up to the value of the amount fraudulently taken. All we ask is that you have not acted fraudulently yourself or without reasonable care to keep your security information safe. For more information about preventing fraud please visit our online banking security page.”