Posted March 8, 2011 by Simon in News

Nationwide Issue Card Security Readers

It looks like Nationwide are stepping up their Internet Banking security, as we’ve heard from numerous customers that they’ve been started to receive Card Readers in the post for signing onto their online banking service.

Whilst card readers have been available from Nationwide since 2008, they appear to be sending them to all of their online customers, regardless if you have requested one.  As these provide a higher level of security for accessing your account, we think this recent move by Nationwide is a good thing for their customers, especially as it costs you nothing!

The Card Reader will make things easier for you to sign on as you won’t have to enter any of your memorable data.   It is essentially a small battery powered device that works independently of your PC, and doesn’t hold any personal information.

Jeanette MacIndoe, Senior Operations Manager at Nationwide’s Internet Bank Registrations commented:


“We’re constantly developing our Internet Bank security to protect you against the increasingly sophisticated methods used by today’s fraudsters, and one such measure is Card Reader Security”

“Card Reader Security uses chip and PIN technology just like your debit card to provide an extra level of protection when signing on and banking online. It will also allow us to provide more services for you on the Internet Bank in future”


Once you have received your Card Reader, open the Nationwide Internet Banking site and type in your customer number as usual. You’ll then be asked to enter a unique passcode created by the card reader itself.

The sign on screens will look something like these:

(Screenshots removed due to concerns from Google that we were phishing..!)

Nationwide have put together a number of guides on their website explaining how the device works with your internet banking