Posted March 1, 2011 by Simon in News

iPhone Online Banking Apps 2011

With the ever increasing sales of smartphones, apps for these are becoming more important, as users get used to being able to do host of things whilst on the move.

Managing your money is something everyone has to do, but the release of iPhone and Android apps has been somewhat slow within the banking community.

However, with banks now recovering from the credit crunch and looking at cutting costs within its huge operations, self service is seen as a good opportunity to do this and improve their customers services.

Currently there are only two ‘proper’ on-line banking apps available on the market, though we understand that the other big banks will be releasing their own offerings in 2011.  Android Apps have yet to surface, but we’re guessing it won’t be too far behind.

We’ll be reviewing these as and when they are released, but in the meantime there’s just two available.


Top spot has to go to First Direct with their ‘Banking On the Go App’ which we reported on back in early January this year.

Although limited to a few features, this still gave their users the ability to do everyday banking tasks such as checking their balance, viewing the last 20 account transactions, making payments and transferring money between accounts.

This free app has been developed by their ‘in-house’ team, as their has been some security concerns raised by banks using third-party publishers.


Natwest (incorporating RBS) have a similar offering, though it’s not quite of the same calibre as the First Direct offering.

As you would expect this is a free app, and enables you to check your balance, view a mini-statement of your last 6 transactions, set up and manage text alert services to include balance updates and account limit alerts.

RBS have confirmed that this is only their first release and aim to make improvements this year;

“We have always said that we will develop our iPhone app in line with customer demand and feedback, and this is still the case.”

“We do have plans to launch an updated version of our iPhone app, which will enable customers to access much more information on their finances, and carry out more advanced banking services. We’re working hard get this right for our customers, to ensure they get the most out of it.”

Check back for more updates…