Posted October 8, 2010 by Simon in News

iPad banking – the beginnings

With websites and smartphones well established within the electronic banking arena, it seems that the recently released iPad and it’s flurry of ‘pad’ competitors are the next devices of focus.  Although still at an early stage, there have been a couple of early innovators from the major high street banks to jump into ‘pad’ applications.

Spanish banks, Banco Sabadell and LaCaixa have both released applications in theApp Store, though suprisingly in April this year which was one month before even the Pad had been fully released!  Apart from these early adopters, theres no sign yet of anything from the UK banks, with just France, Australia and the US registering a precense in the App Store.

We’ve had a quick look at these first release apps, and to be honest they don’t offer anything unique to the iPad at the moment and seem to be cloned from the well established iPhone app.  The entrypoint on the online banking site appear to have been optimised for the iPad, though the actual banking screens when logged in still need more tailoring for the device. No doubt this will change as the apps develop and more customers adopt ‘pad’ devices.

That said, the majority of existing online services work perfectly well on the iPad, and instead are more limited by the actual website design.  One potential minefield, is the well publicised issues with Flash incompatability.  Although not specific to onlinebanking services, there are a lot of tools, videos and other areas on the banking sites that use this media player.

This will be an interesting area to follow, so we’ll be keeping close track of the developments within the market andreporting back on any interesting updates.