Posted November 4, 2011 by Simon in News

HSBC Online Banking & Other Systems Fail


and First Direct customers suffered for over 2 hours today when the bank’s computer systems suffered a breakdown.  As well as affecting their online banking services the problems also hit cash machines and in branch systems, resulting in customers unable to access account information and withdraw cash.

The bank’s customer services and website struggled to cope as a surge of customers contacting the bank trying to find out more information about the problem.

The problem was apparently identified at 2.45pm, though it took until 4.15pm for work to commence to fix it and till 5pm for its internet banking and its 3,700 ATMs to be fully functioning again.

Mark Hemingway, spokesman for HSBC, offered “huge apologies” to customers caught up in the problems.

“We realise Friday afternoon is a very busy time … internet banking goes wrong sometimes and the ATMs go wrong sometimes but it is unfortunate that both happened together.”

Hemingway advised that customers who had continuing problems should visit their local branch.

HSBC said it was investigating the cause of the problem, but could not say yet what had gone wrong.

“The main thing was to get the services up and running as soon as possible,” said Hemingway.