Posted January 28, 2011 by Simon in News

Halifax’s new online banking site close to launch

Halifax informed us back in November 2010 that a new online banking site was under development, aiming to provide new features, an enhanced user experience and also link-up with the merger to Lloyds TSB.

We’ve received an update that the launch of their new site is imminent, and that they are advising customers of the changes through their website and mailshots.

Below are the changes that wil be coming with the release, and we’ll be reviewing these updates once they are live.

The New Site

Which banking and selected savings accounts are affected?

Bank accounts including:

  • Reward Current Account
  • Student Current Account
  • Halifax Current Account
  • Cardcash
  • Expresscash
  • Easycash
  • Ultimate Reward Current Account

Most savings accounts including:

  • Halifax Premium Savings Direct
  • Halifax Instant Saver
  • Halifax Guaranteed Saver
  • Halifax Regular Saver

What are the changes?

Paper-free service

  1. The format of your paper-free statements will change. If you want to keep any of your existing statements in the current style, please print them off by the end of 2010.
  2. From January 2011 we will no longer send emails to let you know when new statements are available to view online. The new online statement should always be up to date with your latest transactions, so there is no fixed statement period. From January 2011, we’ll no longer send email alerts when your bank or savings statements are available (but if something needs a response from you, we’ll let you know by post with the same amount of notice as before).
  3. You’ll still be able to print paper copies of your statements and download them into money management tools.
  4. Paper-free statements for your bank and savings accounts will be given a brand new look.
  5. In order to deliver the new site, we’ve had to remove the paper-free service for some types of documents. Over the next 18 months, we’ll reintroduce many of these services and more. This means in the short term:
    • Credit card customers will start to receive their statements by post instead of online from January 2011. Any statements you’ve previously received online (within the last 2 years) can be accessed until 18th April 2011 by selecting the ‘historic statements’ link on the new site. After this date, you’ll need to request a paper copy of your old statements and there may be a charge for this service.
    • Paper-free letters for your bank accounts will also be sent through the post from January 2011. Letters you’ve previously received via the paper-free service will continue to be available online until 18th April 2011. They can be accessed by selecting the ‘historic letters’ link on the new site.
    • Paper-free bank customers who incur debit interest or fees on their account will be sent a letter through the post. This letter will contain information about forthcoming charges / fees, what they relate to and the period over which they’ve been incurred. This letter replaces the information previously available on your paper-free bank statement.


  • Your paper-free bank statements have been given a brand new look making them simpler to use and access.
  • Although the site now has a fresh new look, the vast majority of your day-to-day online activities will still be available, such as transferring funds between your accounts, viewing statement information and paying bills.