Posted May 16, 2011 by Simon in News

Halifax Update Login Screens

As part of their recent site updates, Halifax have now updated their login screen to their online service.  The main aim of implementing these changes is to enhance the security of the sign in process, and to make it more secure for users.

Most of these changes were in place in their last update, but the login screens have now been modified to reflect these changes.

What’s changed?

The security questions have been replaced with a unique piece of security information called ‘memorable information’.

Why have they changed it?

Memorable Information is more secure than security questions as you are only asked for a few characters (letters or numbers) at any one time. This makes it very difficult for anyone to learn or guess the entire piece of information.

What’s with the new drop-downs?

Drop-down menus allow you to select, rather than type, the letters or numbers from your memorable information. This is done to help ensure that malicious software cannot record what you type in.

As an extra precaution to ensure you’re signed into our Halifax’s secure site, you should always type www.halifax.co.uk into your address bar and click on the Sign in button in the Online Banking section. Do not save the website to your bookmarks or favourites or follow links from search engines as these are easy for fraudsters to fake.