Posted November 3, 2010 by Simon in News

Halifax online banking updates on the horizon

As well as the recent security updates back in September, it looks like Halifax have also been beavering away in developing thier website as we’ve been informed about some up and coming changes.  Having had a quick review of the demo, it looks like the merger of LloydsTSB and Halifax is beginning to show in their online services.  Apart from the colour scheme, if you’ve seen the recent changes on the Lloyds TSB site, then you’ll be getting a bit of deja vu!

We’ll be keeping an eye on this merge of services, as it will be interesting to see how the bank integration between Halifax and LloydsTSB evolves.  Once we get a chance to see these changes in action we’ll be back with an updated review.

Changes to how you manage your account online

We’re getting in touch to let you know about changes we’re making to our online banking service and to explain what they’ll mean for you.

The changes are part of a major investment we’re making in our online banking service, to build a new site that will be easier to use and even more secure. The new site launches early next year with a fresh new look. The vast majority of the day-to-day services you’re used to will remain – and as our new site develops, we’ll bring in a number of new features and services, such as mobile banking.

However, some existing online services will change or won’t be available on the new site when it first launches. We plan to reintroduce many of these over the next 18 months. Please read on to find out how the key changes may affect you. For more details on the changes, please visit our what’s changing page.

The changes: at a glance

  • We’re giving bank online statements a new look, making them simpler to use and access.
  • We’ll temporarily send letters about bank account fees and overdrafts to you by post instead of online. We’ll still give you plenty of notice, as we do now.
  • We’ll no longer send email alerts when your bank or savings statements are available (but if something needs a response from you, we’ll let you know by post with the same amount of notice as before).

For a sneak preview of the new site, take a tour with their demo.

The changes: in detail

Bank accounts

  • New look for online statements
    In the coming months, the format of your online statements will change for all bank accounts. The new statements are simpler to use and access.
  • Letters about bank fees and overdrafts
    From early January 2011, all notifications about bank fees and overdrafts that you may currently get online will be sent by post temporarily. You won’t be charged for this and you’ll still get plenty of notice.

All accounts

  • Email notification
    From early January 2011, anything you need to act on that you currently receive online, such as letters about bank fees, will be posted to you. This means we’ll no longer send you emails telling you when your bank or savings statements are ready to view online – so just keep checking your accounts online for any updates.
  • Removal of online documents for accounts you have closed
    If you want to keep letters or statements for a closed account, you will need to print these by 10th January 2011 as they won’t be available online after this date.