Posted June 2, 2010 by Simon in News

Halifax announce important changes to signing into their online banking

Halifax have announced  that they are to make some more changes to their online banking in order to improve the security of their service.  This follows on from their previous security change back in April this year, and will affect how their users will sign into Internet Banking website.

The existing username and password will continue to be used, but the security questions will be replaced by a new and unique piece of security information called ‘memorable information’ .  This will be asked for when you sign into the website and needs to be;

  • between 6 and 15 characters long
  • include at least 3 letters and 1 number (not case sensitive)
  • different from any other of your other security details (username and password)
  • not contain spaces, punctuation or symbols

Once you have chosen the memorable information, you won’t be prompted to do so again the next time you sign in.  You do have one chance to defer setting this information, but your next login will force you to select something.

We think that this is a good change to their security setup, as the previous process asked for specific information which could potentially be gleaned by others such as place of birth etc.

For further information and help, Halifax have a page setup here.