Posted January 14, 2011 by Simon in News

first direct releases iPhone App

Bank of America were the first to launch an iphone app back in July 2008, and since then numerous other banks have been joining their ranks with their own apps.

First Direct have informed us that they have also jumped into the iPhone arena, and released their own free app today in the Apple App Store.  This builds on their first offering back in June this year, which although allowing you to access online banking was not a ‘true’ iPhone App.

What makes the app somewhat unique, is their claim that this is the first proper banking ‘on the go’, by providing transactional based information to thier customers.  The main features of the app will allow you to:

  • check balances
  • view the last 20 account transactions
  • make payments to an existing person or organisation
  • transfer money between accounts

From the initial user rankings of 4.5/5 in the Apple App Store, it looks like First Direct’s offering is being well received.

Matt Colebrook, CEO of first direct commented,

“To steal a phrase, this changes everything. Again.

“This is about our customers, we want them to be proud to say ‘I bank with first direct’. 21 years ago, first direct changed the face of banking when it became the first UK financial institution to allow customers to do their banking whenever they wanted via phone. We were amongst the leaders in taking this experience online and today we continue to innovate. This time it’s about making the banking experience simpler and quicker, allowing our iPhone enabled customers to access key features of our internet banking; whenever they want and wherever they want.”

“The iPhone App is as a huge step forward, but it’s just the beginning of our ambitions for mobile banking. Our plans for 2011 are to make our ‘on the go’ mobile service available on other smartphone devices.”

“We chose to go with the iPhone first because that’s where our customers are. Over the last 12 months, the iPhone has grown to become the 6th largest source of visitors to our website and whilst Android is growing rapidly, it’s nowhere near the iPhone just yet.”

You can view and download the first direct Banking ‘on the go’ App at http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/banking-on-the-go/id405905004?mt=8 and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. (Requires iOS 3.1 or later)

Some screen shots of the App in action: