Posted August 25, 2009 by Simon in News

First Direct Notification Service

First Direct have made the following announcement in respect of their account notification service:


“We know you like to receive your account change notifications from us via our Internet Banking service.  However, over the next few months, you may notice a few more letters in the post from us than you might expect. We’d like to take a few minutes of your time to explain why.””There have been some changes to banking regulations which mean we need to make some enhancements to our Internet Banking service so you can save and retrieve any notification messages you receive from us.  We’re working hard at the moment to make the necessary improvements.”
“Unfortunately, this means we won’t be able to use Internet Banking to tell you about changes to your account, and we will have to send you any account notifications by post. This should only last a few months, and then you will automatically start receiving electronic notifications again. You won’t need to make any changes to your online preferences in the meantime.”

“Please note that statements are unaffected by these changes. If you have chosen not to receive paper statements this will not change.”

“We’d like to thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to speaking to you online again soon.”