Posted April 22, 2011 by Simon in News

Barclays Planning Online Banking Login Changes

Following feedback from their customers, Barclays have announced plans to make it easier for their customers to log into Online and Mobile banking.

“We’re improving Online/Mobile Banking so that you will be able to carry out more transactions without PINsentry. As always our world-class security systems means your Online/Mobile Banking is completely safe.”

PINsentry has been a requirement for accessing Barclays Online Banking service for a while now, and is basically a small hand-held device that you insert your Barclays Bank debit or authentication card into. It works with your card and PIN to generate unique, one-time eight-digit codes for use in Online Banking.

Whilst increasing the level of protection on your account, a lot of customers have found that they don’t always have the PINsentry with them, resulting them being unable to access their accounts.

What’s the good news?

Barclays will be updating their online banking service to give you a simpler log-in process that’s more flexible to your needs.  Whilst the details of the changes are not yet available, we believe that they will split the login process so that logging in without the PINsentry gives you access to some functionality in your account.  Logging in as normal with PINsentry will be the same and enable the full range of transactions.

When is this happening?

The new log-in screens will be introduced around May and June 2011, and we’ll keep you updated when we get more details from Barclays.