Posted October 26, 2009 by Simon in News

Barclays Business Internet Banking Update

Barclays have announced the following enhancements to their Business Banking service:

Multiple Payments Option

Users have the option to check a box on the ‘Make Payments’ ‘Details to be submitted’ screen for Transfers, UK Three Day Payments, UK Same Day Payments and Currency/International Payments/SEPA Credit Transfers. If selected, once the payment is either saved or submitted the user will be redirected to step 1 of the first screen, with all previously used debiting account details and payment type pre selected. If the check box is not selected the user will be directed to the View Payments screen.

Additional Authorisation Level

A new authorisation level has been introduced called A* and will be used to authorise transactions with the largest limit.

See the Summary of Changes PDF for further information on the above enhancements and more.