Posted July 22, 2010 by Simon in News

Santander accounts now integrated with Alliance & Leicester’s Online Banking

Santander announced today that personal Alliance & Leicester savings and current accounts have successfully been transferred onto the Santander system.  No action is needed by account holders as a result of this transfer and you can continue to use your account details and manage your accounts.

Although the Alliance & Leicester Online Banking service has always been a bit lacking in features and usability, Santander have made some improvements so that you can link in accounts you may have with Santander.

Any Santander accounts that you may hold can be added to your summary screen. Simply select “Add / remove accounts”, and you should then see your Santander accounts with the option to add them to internet banking, or you can simply type in your account number and sort code and this will be added after a couple of days.

Once added you can then view statements and make payments from your Alliance & Leicester and Santander accounts through logging into one internet banking service.

If you have a linked account, such as a Plus Saver account linked to another banks current account, they will automatically create a new direct debit instruction for each of these accounts, allowing you to make payments and move funds. The new direct debits will be included in the list of direct debits associated with each account.

As the integration of these recently merged banks continues, we should see more and more re-branding and hopefully some decent updates to the Alliance & Leicester Internet Banking service.