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Is it safer to do my online banking by phone?

Just a few years ago many of us wouldn’t have even considered doing mobile banking on our phones, presuming that it was a very unsecure method of accessing our accounts. But, surprisingly, experts are now advising that do...

Who’s to blame for recent Online Banking failures?

It seems nothing is foolproof in the world of banking and this rings most true in online banking. With an increasing number of errors occurring across the board combined with higher customer expectations is it any wonder that t...


Barclays improve Online Banking Homepage

Barclays has recently made improvements to its online banking homepage based on suggestions from customers to make it more personal, more relevant and easier to use. Features and improvements include: Current and savings accoun...

Biometric Banking.

In our recent article, ‘Is the new Natwest and RBS fingerprint recognition technology secure?‘, we explored the new Touch ID technology being rolled out in the banking world, but the BBC have recently reported that ...